Freelance writer/contributor


We are looking for creative freelance writer/contributor who:


- may not be a parent but has been following POPA Channel for more than two months, and found our content meaningful!

- loves to read books or even academic research and can summarize the materials from a parenting angle

- is good at storytelling

- does not only write well, but also enjoys transforming the ideas into different form of content with the use of images, graphics or even animations

- wants to create content that is good enough to make thousands of people like it and share it, and, most importantly, reflect on their parenting practices and values

- is self-motivated and self-disciplined but also enjoys working as a team


If this sounds like you, please do not hesitate to contact us, tell us about yourself and send your article and titles to [email protected]


We look forward to hearing from you!

我們正在招募有以下特質的 freelance writer/contributor !


- 你不一定是家長,但對一個人如何成長深感興趣,而且早已是我們的followers!

- 你喜歡閱讀,而且不論是書本或是學術研究,都能從教育角度出發,總結成文

- 你好叻講故事,不單寫得一手好文章,更享受花點創意心思將不同的想法意念用最合適的方法呈現

- 你有信心創作出人人讚好,個個分享的內容,更重要的是你有信心你的作品可以傳到家長心坎,讓他們深思教育的價值

- 你「自動波」得來,又喜歡跟人「吹水」,碰撞出更多不同的ideas


如果您符合以上條件,又有興趣參與POPA,請不要猶豫,寄封email給我們[email protected]啦!


Data collected will only be used for job application processing.All related information will be kept up to 6 months and all personal data will be destroyed afterwards.